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Kory's Hauling of Woodland Hills


Flat Rates for any size Junk Removal

All Dumpsters - 7 days standard

Pro-labor for loading, cleanups with tools

Great daily-rates for Bobcat & Demolition & Grading

Dirt Removal on any scale

We Deliver dirt for free (some exclusions apply)


3, 6, 10, 25 & 40 YARD




LABOR CREWS for loading

No matter if you've got one pickup truck of trash or tons and tons of stuff, we can help you remove it and haul it away for you.

We get it done. Call us 24/7 at:

818-419-1607 (text/voice)

..or, use the chat-widget below for some idea of costs.

Junk Removal
Labor Assistance
Bobcat Service
Dumpster Rentals
3,6,10,25 & 40Yrd

If you are in the market for a hauling suppiort, there are a number of factors to consider. We will help you.


TRASH REMOVAL | full service cleanup

Full service Junk Removal and Cleanups for Homeowners & Businesses

Los Angeles, SFV, Santa Clarita, San Gabriel Valley, Pomona, and Orange County


We are able to assist with ANY size jobs at your home or office.

1 Flat Daily Rate per guy who is experienced and shows up with tools to get it done quick.

This dump-truck is 14' long.

The small truck below shows a regular pickup truck for comparison.

The smaller truck is usually available for local jobsites (in SFV and we have offices in South Gate, Pomona and LA to serve you better).

Need a quote? Click the link below.

Usually for the regular pickup it is around $280/load and that includes the labor to load and the disposal fees.


One of the MOST cost-effective ways to deal with unwanted materials is to rent a bin for your home or business. It saves time and money!

Pictured here: The famous "10-Yard Lowboy" mainly used for dirt and or concrete. 17'x8'x2' approx.

We can offer you self-service, where you have it loaded up or we can send you a guy or 2 or 3 to load it for you.


We are a network to get you rates for dirt export - digging deep - and total structure takedowns and hauling.

Bobcat Grading & Excavation

One of the most popular of our services for leveling out yards, grass removal, concrete removal and even hillside and mountain removals!

Dumpster Picker - choose from 5 popular sizes.

Click the images for a full view with our Lightbox feature



Any items we can haul away. Just no hazardous materials.



Need some flooring removal? Drywall? Kitchen or bathroom? We can assist.


Landscaping Demo

Bobcat and Excavator equipped to help you with grading and digging and demo. The guys love using shovels too, where machinery can't go.

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